We offer full range of Morocco trips which are available every day with experienced guides and drivers.

Morocco has many old and historic palaces for exploration. Travelers can see old mosques, markets, and buildings with unique and stunning architecture, including beautiful courtyards. Visitors will learn the history of these structures and will be able to see artistic works gathered from other parts of Morocco and from sub-Saharan Africa. This is an experience not to be missed by art aficionados and architecture fans.

Most of the excursions, tours and stages of the routes proposed by “TRIPS MOROCCO SAHARA” occur in pristine areas (including many areas of the park) Atlas or the desert, different arrangements are proposed for rural tourism or even in buildings built in adobe, therefore completely sustainable, sometimes powered by solar energy.

The food is always one of the local traditions, where the vast majority of the raw materials are obtained on the spot. Unfortunately many Berber communities live in isolation, especially the Atlas, and there is no alternative to private transport, which is organized by Morocco travel packages with local drivers. There are also forms of locomotion and more are offered for short trips and excursions in mountain desert biking Quad Buggy and camel.